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In the Kitchen: Using Icing Bags

Ever see those fancy cakes and cupcakes at your local bakery and wonder "how on earth did they do that?" Well luckily it's actually super easy to make your homemade baked goods look just as professional, but it all starts with getting your frosting into that pesky icing bag without getting it absolutely everywhere!

Let's first get out a tall glass, a pair of scissors, your icing bag, a rubber spatula, and of course your bowl of delicious frosting. 

Step 1: Place your frosting tip (the KEY to making your decorations look oh so professional) into your icing bag. Then, cut off ~2" from the bottom (sometimes more, sometimes less) so that you can push that frosting tip just through the hole. Side note: we don't use a coupler since we are pretty basic and just use a single frosting tip at a time but if you do want to use multiple tips, see here for a great tutorial!)   


Step 2: Now you're ALMOST ready to start filling your icing bag with that delicious frosting. Place the icing bag into your tall glass (tip down) and fold the icing bag over the edges of the glass. 


Step 3: Finally time to add that frosting! Scoop it right into the glass and scrape your spatula clean on the glass edges each time. We recommend only filling it to the top so you still have some space to twist your bag shut for a nice and easy decorating experience (it's SO frustrating when the frosting squeezes out of the top!). 


Step 4: Hopefully all of your frosting fit in the bag but if not, you can add the rest later by just repeating steps 2 and 3. Now, remove your filled icing bag from the glass and twist the top shut. Ta-da, all ready to decorate! 

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