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4th of July Sheet Cake

Everyone always has those perfect desserts for major holidays which can be so intimating but can actually be super easy! We'll take you through how to make the perfect 4th of July cake with our Strawberry Cupcake kit! You could do the exact same with our Vanilla Cupcake kit as well.


1. Grease a 13 x 9" (preferably glass) pan - either an oil spray or unsalted butter works great. For oil sprays - Coconut Oil or Canola Oil are our favorites!

2. Then, prepare your cake batter as the recipe card instructs but rather than filling your cupcake tins, pour all the batter into your greased 13 x 9" pan and spread it out evenly. 

3. Bake at 350° for 20-24 minutes, until the cake is ever so slightly golden around the edges and a tooth pick comes out clean in the middle. (See all those strawberry chunks in the cake? That's how you know it's good!) 

baked strawberry cake

4. Next up, make your frosting! Follow the instructions BUT rather than use the Strawberry Gelatin provided, use 1 tsp of Vanilla instead - this will give you a great taste and the white coloring you want. Don't frost until the cake is completely cool. Then, just spread the frosting across the entire top of the cake. 

5. Now you're ready to prepare your berries. You'll need 1-2 C fresh strawberries and 1 C fresh blueberries. The trick to these decorative desserts is planning it out before actually doing it - you just need a large cutting board for this one! Slice the strawberries and layer so you have 2 short lines and 3 long lines. We used the bowl of blueberries as a proxy for the star area.

6. The final step - placing the fruit on your cake! Start with the blueberries and fill in a rectangle full in the top left corner for the stars. Then, start with one of your short strawberry lines at the very top of the pan. Space the second line in the middle of your blueberries so then you can do a long line of strawberries just below them. Continue to space the long strawberry lines for the rest of the pan and you're done, that easy!

We love to hear about other creative desserts you make with our kits, tag us on social media @simplyflourless for Instagram or Simply Flourless on Facebook so we can see too! Happy 4th of July! 

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