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Simply Put: 10 Ways to Simply Share Sweets

Your apron is smeared with ingredients from wiping your hands on it every 2 minutes. Music is playing in the background. Cinnamon is strewn on the counter top. Your children are asking, “are they done yet?” You take a deep sigh. But no need to fret, you have raised the rolls well, and you can finally respond with, “Almost! They just need 20 more minutes to bake and then cool.”

We love baking! We love sharing! But sometimes even after sharing delicious, fluffy, and moist cinnamon rolls with whom we live, we are left with extra rolls!


We want to share with you 10 creative ways you can share your Simply Flourless Cinnamon Rolls!

  1. Gift a couple to your neighbors – obvious, we know. Add some pizazz by asking them “What’s new?” in an Aussie accent.
  2. Low Risk and High Reward: gift one to your significant other. They may be distracted at first by the smooth and addicting cream cheese icing, but afterwards, you will have their undivided attention.
  3. Bring one to the homeless man you pass by on your way to work with an encouraging smile. Never hesitate to show those society ignores that you care!
  4. Do not forget about 90-year-old Betty who lives on your street! She is lonely and a loving visit would be well appreciated.
  5. Bring a few to your team at work! Let them know they will be rewarded with more Simply Flourless desserts and you are accepting requests. Before you know it, you are the office MVP.
  6. Your roommate just had a terrible breakup and needs some comfort food. Say no more… You bring a juicy burger and cinnamon rolls for dessert.
  7. Dave, your little boy, raves daily about his kindergarten teacher, you send him to school with one and an appreciative note.
  8. Bring them to a social gathering honoring the Dalai Lama.
  9. Picture this: you break out into an epic flash mob with your 5 best friends and celebrate afterwards with cinnamon rolls. You earned the calories.
  10. Share them with your family members and give each person a note with your favorite inside joke. That’s true love.


Giving baked goods may be cliché, but that’s because it has proven to be effective.

Select any baking kit at SimplyFlourless and take the finished dessert to someone who needs a little bit of extra love!

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